Thursday, May 17, 2007

FedEx Kinkos v/s Finkos v/s KinkEx

Before we go on to the next post on this blog, take a little time out for this monstrosity in naming brought to us by The Name Inspector. Proof that not all portmanteaus work. Only the ones that come a lot closer to sounding like actual words. For instance, Pixetra

I believe the reason FedEx and Kinkos chose not to go with a compound word is that doing so would have meant sacrificing the immense brand equity Kinkos and FedEx already enjoy in the North American marketplace. Admittedly, the new name in the form of a compund word might have tried to salvage some of the old equity by going in for a logo design that drew from the colours of both brands. Eventually, I think they just decided to do the easy thing and stick both old names into a new brand.

If you ask me, what they've settled for is not such a bad move. FedEx and Kinkos are in a space where memorable brand names don't count as much as say in a more crowded arena like fast moving consumer goods. (No puns intended.) On the other hand, if FedEx Kinkos were communicating to people other than office managers and the like who want little more than to get their documentation done, they might have had to work much harder.

Let's say FedEx Kinkos have to come up with a brand name for a product they choose to retail under the FedEx Kinkos umbrella. That's when they'll have to think of something far more elegant.

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