Friday, May 25, 2007

Pixetra v/s Anything else

An acquaintance of ours came up with the name Pixetra for a store that sells digital cameras and related equipment. I love it. The name says it all. It says pictures. It says pixels. It says digital. It says etcetra. It's what a great name should be. It might even get by without the need for a tagline. An almost perfect brand name for the product it is advertising.

Will it work? Ah well, that's a different matter and has much to do with things more than just brand names. Incidentally, the logo for the name is great too. We wish we had come up with it. All this just goes to re-iterate something we've been saying all along about portmanteaus; that they make for memorable brand names. Given the task what would we have come up with? I'll need a little more time for that. It's not that easy coming up with names. Fortunately.

Stop-start scale: 7/10
Long and Short cut: 7/10
Story meme: 7/10
Urlabilty: 7/10
Übertotal: 28/40

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