Friday, May 11, 2007

Koolickles v/s Kool-Aid Pickles

The retailers of this new brand launched in USA include Double Quick, a chain of more than 30 stores, which has even applied for "a trademark for Koolickle, a name coined by Rick Beuning, its director of food service, who says: "I'm a white boy from the Midwest ... This isn't my food, but I know a good product when I see one."

Personally speaking, I know a good name when I see one. Koolickles is a good one. Very.

Why do I like Koolickles? Many reasons. For one, it's not as prosaic and simply descriptive as Kool-Aid Pickles, which doesn't even sound appetising. For two, Koolickles makes it sound like a treat of some kind, which it is and which is good. For three, Koolickles leaves a bit to our imagination, which is a good thing to attempt with communication. For four, Koolickles is a neologism, which, like all smart namers, I have a weak-in-the-knees weakness for.

And then some, more. Koolickles satisfies the bare necessities of good naming principles that say Stop-start scale, Story meme, The long and the short cut and Urlability. Check it out in the Übermeters at the bottom of this post. And for your winning Koolickle like name, you can either write to me or Rick Beuning from Double Quick, who seems to have just as fine a mind, and ear, for good names.

Stop-start scale: 7/10
Long and Short cut: 7/10
Story meme: 7/10
Urlabilty: 8/10
Übertotal: 29/40

Kool-Aid Pickles
Stop-start scale: 5/10
Long and Short cut: 5/10
Story meme: 6/10
Urlabilty: 5/10
Übertotal: 21/40

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